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Our strengths and pride in piezoelectric ceramics and sensors
The technology and expertise, nurtured in the picturesque surroundings of Mt. Fuji, contributes significantly to society.

In our daily lives, products seamlessly integrate the enduring principles of piezoelectricity and ultrasonic technology, with their roots traced back over time. From healthcare and automotive applications to a variety of industrial sectors, they play a vital role in a diverse array of fields, showcasing their long-standing significance and widespread use.
While piezoelectric ceramics themselves are not typically visible in our daily lives, they have various applications. Piezoelectric ceramics convert pressure and electricity, producing electrical output when subjected to deformation, and experiencing expansion or contraction when given electrical input. These characteristics enable them to be utilized for a wide range of purposes.
Surrounded by the beautiful nature of Fujinomiya, FUJI CERAMICS has honed its specialized expertise in piezoelectric ceramics and sensors over many years. This craftsmanship has been embraced by a diverse range of customers across various fields.

Functions of the Piezoelectric Effect
Piezoelectric Element Product GroupPiezoelectric-Applied Product GroupPiezoelectric Sensor Group

Production factories

Integrated production at specialized factories, ranging from a single unit to mass production.
FUJI CERAMICS builds automated equipment utilizing jigs and robots to create manufacturing system tailored to the scale of production.

Production factoriesEach factory has an integrated production system, starting from the formulation of raw materials for piezoelectric ceramics.
This incorporates production processes that leverage proprietary technologies integral to high-quality manufacturing.
FUJI CERAMICS is committed to meeting diverse customer needs, whether it’s creating specialized items, producing high-mix, low-volume products, fulfilling custom orders for single items, or handling large-scale production of several million units.

Main factoryKita factoryKitayama factoryTogami factoryShiraito factorySubcontract factory

Management system

Management system ensuring the quality of piezoelectric ceramic products.
Diverse processes, starting from powder raw materials are supported by a “quality-driven” manufacturing system.

Management systemRaw materials for piezoelectric ceramics include lead zirconate titanate [Pb(Ti,Zr)O3], lead titanate [PbTiO3], lead metaniobate [PbNb2O6], and bismuth titanate [Bi4Ti3O12].
The starting raw materials are all oxides. The main raw materials and additives are blended, and the mixture undergoes the ceramic-making process.
A variety of processes such as micro-mixing management, refinement, powder molding, high-temperature sintering at 1200ºC, precision machining, electrode metallization, high-voltage processing, and testing/inspection are labor-intensive. High quality is assured through a management system, utilizing both manual and robotic handling, as well as testing and inspection devices for verifying the results.

Electrode metallization line
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