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[New Material] Introduction of Piezo film(Fluorine-based Organic Piezoelectric Materials) 【V series】

We have recently developed the “V series” of piezo film(fluorine-based organic piezoelectric materials).

Our piezo film(fluorine-based organic piezoelectric materials) are made of polymeric materials that have piezoelectric properties.

They are particularly suitable for mechanical to electrical conversion (sensor) applications because they have a lower dielectric constant and a higher voltage output factor

(g constant) than ceramic piezoelectric materials (PZT, etc.).

They also have excellent flexibility, making it possible to attach it to curved surfaces.



– Flexible, lightweight, and excellent workability

– Excellent impact resistance, water resistance, heat resistance (<120℃), and chemical stability

– Superior piezoelectricity and clear characteristics in 33 directions (d33>>d31,d32)
  in comparison to general PVDF materials

– Acoustic impedance is close to that of organisms and water

– Low environmental impact due to the absence of lead



– Sensors: vibration sensors, acceleration sensors, strain gauges, pulse/heart rate sensors

– Acoustics: speakers, microphones, electronic instrument pickups

– Ultrasonic: medical ultrasonic probes, flaw detector, hydrophone

– Others: energy harvesting, etc.

*When using the product, please evaluate it adequately as it is mounted in your product.


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