Sensitivity calibrator

Mini calibrator MC-20

The MC-20 directly calibrates accelerometers, on site

Piezoelectric accelerometers are widely used to analyze vibrations and diagnose the performance of rotating machinery. Checking the sensitivity of accelerometers after they have been used under harsh conditions or for a long time has usually been left to the manufacturers because of the expensive calibration equipment required.
The MC-20 integrated the exciter, amplifier and display in a single unit.
All you have to do is attach the sensor, for a speedy calibration of the sensor’s sensitivity. You will now be able to gather reliable data with confidence, any time that you need to.

Mini calibrator MC-20

  • Up to 100 data can be stored in the unit of MC-20.(Sensitivity, DC bias voltage, date and time)
  • Data can be transferred to PC.
  • Powered by batteries or AC cable.

Example of calibrator in use

Directly input the sensor output, and check the sensitivity.

Use the exciter only, and calibrate the vibration measuring system.


Accessories included

MC-20 Instruction manual

MC-20 Data transfer app. manual