Accelerometer traceability

To ensure that our sensors are in the best condition when you use them, we conduct strict quality control that guarantees sensor traceability with the national standard. In our calibration system, transfer standard sensors are calibrated once a year by a laser interference method; normal standard sensors are calibrated once every two months by a comparison method.

Fuji Ceramics' calibration method[Comparison method]

Calibration Certificate

Fuji Ceramics delivers each accelerometer with its own outgoing inspection sheet. This sheet includes the sensor’s serial number, sensitivity, insulation resistance, and a chart of the sensor’s frequency characteristics in the range from 100 Hz to 60 kHz.

  1. If required, a chart of the frequency range 1 Hz to 100 Hz can be supplied as a separate option.
  2. In the case of tri-axial accelerometers, the chart represents the Z axis only.
  3. It is preparing English, too.


  • Traceability Calibration Guarantee Certificate (Japanese only)
  • If you require a Traceability Calibration Guarantee Certificate when you wish to send an accelerometer away to be calibrated, please ask us for a Certificate in advance. We will issue a Traceability Calibration Guarantee Certificate that will include a calibration certificate of the calibrator used to calibrate your sensor. Generally, when we perform a periodic calibration of your accelerometer, we will only supply a Outgoing Inspection Sheet.