Cable & Connector

Standard cable

  • Miniature=10-32 plug
  • Max. temperature of BNC part is 60 to 80℃

Exclusive use cable

  • Max. temperature of BNC part is 60 to 80℃

Cable Selection guide

Usually, a charge output accelerometer is used with a low-noise cable, and a preamplifier-built-in sensor is used with a coaxial cable. Select a suitable cable, taking into account the environment-related performance of the cables.

Structure of cable

Low-noise cable has graphite lubricant to reduce noise with capacitance variation occurred by bending or distortion(A ~ D)

Reference Data on Cable Materials

Use these data when you select a suitable cable.


  • C29-104P
  • Miniature
  • CZ320
  • BNC
  • TNC
  • 中継コネクタZR-ZR
  • 変換コネクタBNCP-ZR
  • R04-P3M / R04-J3F