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Langevin ultrasonic transducer

This ultrasonic transducer, the piezoelectric element in between the metal block is nipped, is the ultrasonic vibrator of integral structure. Since it was invented by P. Langevin (France), it has been called a Langevin type vibrator.
Many of these, by tightening a ring-shaped piezoelectric elements with bolts, it is made integral structure. That means also known as the bolted Langevin type vibrators.
Can be driven at high power and high amplitude, it has become one of the power-driven uses of ultrasonic.
Maximum input 100 W, and 200 W types are lineup.

Features of the Langevin type ultrasonic vibrator

  • High mechanical Q
  • High-strength, robust
  • Horn or tool mounting easy
  • Easy mounts to the equipments
  • High-efficiency, low heat generation
  • Linearity of the input and output characteristics

For washing machines

Typical Applications

  • Ultrasonic washing machines
  • Wire bonding machines
  • Plastic welding machines
  • Ultrasonic cutting machines
  • Atomizing pumps
  • Medical ultrasonic scalpels
  • Fish finder, Underwater sonar

For processing machines

Tipical varieties & specifications

Tipical varieties & specifications

Tipical varieties & specifications(NEW)

Dimensions of the typical varieties

  • Washing machine vibrators

    Washing machine vibrators

  • Processing machine vibrators

    Processing machine vibrators

    Processing machine vibrators(NEW)