AE sensors

R-CAST AE sensor system

The R-CAST AE Sensor System is designed to detect microscopic destructions. This is a result of the joint development activities of Fuji Ceramics and Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology of The University of Tokyo. The use of an FET head amplifier and a special preamplifier allows this sensor system to achieve a sensitivity 55 dB higher than a conventional AE sensor.
In most case,the ceramics,representative new material,is a kind of brittleness material.A conventional AE sensor,used new material,was hard to delect AE,since the objects were mainly for metal materials. The R-CAST AE Sensor System can detect microscopic cracks of several \(\mu\)m.

MA type (Built-in head-amplifier)

  • 1:These values are observed while an A1002 preamplifier is operating.
  • 2:Without cable

  • M204A
  • M304A

Examples of measuring system

Only an A1201(A1002) type preamplifier can be used for this system.

  • A1201/W130×D180×H64mm
  • A1002/W80×D130×H35mm
  • V3002/W140×D180×H70mm