AE sensors

Selection Guide

Note:The shape of a sensor depends on the frequency used.

Model name calling method (Resonance model)



The AE sensor’s sensitivity (dB) is represented as the output voltage (V) per vibrational particle velocity (m/s). An AE sensor (standard sensor) has a sensitivity of 50 to 70 dB (0dB=1V/m/s), i.e. 300 to 3000 V/m/s. The tolerance for sensitivity is fixed at \(\pm\)3 ~ 6dB.

Single-end and Differential

General-purpose AE sensors are of single-end type. Differential type AE sensors are used to cope with heavy electric noise.
A differential type AE sensor requires a differential amplifier. Moreover, a particular cable must be used depending on the types of the AE sensor’s output connector and the differential amplifier’s input connector.