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Company name
Fuji Ceramics Corporation.
April 21, 1975
Description of business
  1. A piezoelectric ceramics are based, is the manufacture and sales, of electronic ceramics element.
  2. Vibration and shock, and sound or ultrasonic and the manufacture and sales, of other piezoelectric sensors.
  3. The manufacture and sales, of the piezoelectric actuator elements, such as the micro motion displacements.
  4. Others, manufacturing and sales, of application devices and equipment, of electronic ceramics.
45 million yen
Board members
  • Yutaka Seiji, President
  • Hidetoshi Horiuchi, Director
  • Hirofumi Takahashi, Director
  • Shin Seiji, Auditors
Bank of account
Shizuoka Bank, Fujinomiya Branch
Accounting term
20th October (annually)
Employee number
260 (180 men, 80 women)
Member of Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA)
  • 《ISO9001:2015/ISO14001:2015》
  • Registration Scope: Design, Development, Production and Sales of Piezoelectric Ceramics, Piezoelectric Ceramic applied products and peripherals.
  • The following sites are included: Headoffice and factory, Kita plant, Kitayama plant, Shiraito plant, Togami plant
    • 《IATF16949:2016》
    • Registration Scope: Design,Production
    • Production site: Shiraito plant
    • Remote location: Headoffice

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart