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From the country of Mount Fuji, to the worlds

We will create new value with an aggressive stance, never remaining content with what he have achieved.

For over 40 years since our founding in 1975, we at Fuji Ceramics Corporation have developed the broad potential of piezoelectric ceramic technology as an independent ceramics manufacturer. Our strength lies in our ability to flexibly realize our customer’s requests with our integrated system, from the materials level all the way to the finished product. Even as competition intensifies with foreign manufacturers, our quality has earned high praise, and we have provided our reliable technical strength in a variety of fields to all manner of top level clients in Japan, from university research institutes to major automobile manufacturers. We have developed a range of know-how thus far by having one customer introduce us to the next, and wish to express our gratitude for this proof of trust in our company.

The manufacturing industry is approaching another major turning point. Advanced sensor technology using piezoelectric ceramic elements will play an ever more important role in fields that are now achieving remarkable progress, including EV, AI, and medical technology. We also expect that our sensor technology will make valuable contributions to the expansion of production equipment in emerging countries, where the development of large scale infrastructure is underway.

As the market transforms, a new generation has assumed leadership of our company, and we have entered a new era. We will not remain content with our achievements so far, but aim to create original technology that can provide new value to the world, and aim to develop a business system that customers can count on through our proposal-based sales. Improving our corporate value will also help to establish a living environment in which our employees can do more fulfilling work. In keeping with our corporate slogan “Contribute to society with technology”, we will devote ourselves ever more to providing satisfaction to everyone involved with our company.


Fuji Ceramics Corporation. Yutaka SEIJI CEO