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  • Piezo Elements

    Piezo Elements
    Will introduce the shape and size and material characteristics etc., of the piezoelectric ceramic elements.
  • Air Ultrasonic Sensors

    Air Ultrasonic Sensors
    By radiating an ultrasonic in the air, it is a sensor for receiving a reflected wave from an object. Will sensor that measures the distance to the presence detection and, or object of the object.
  • Langevin’s Ultrasonic Vibrators

    Langevin’s Ultrasonic Vibrators
    For the uses of ultrasonic cleaning machines, or processing machines, it will introduce a lineup of high-power Vibrators.
  • Force Sensors

    Force Sensors
    This is a load cell utilizing the piezoelectric effect of quartz. Is a sensor that measures up to heavy load from the minute load.
  • Ultra-Sensitive Air Pressure Sensor

    Ultra-Sensitive Air Pressure Sensor
    Conventionally a minute pressure changes in the air or gas that could not be detected, is a sensor for sensing at the high sensitivity.