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  • Products Information
  • In the fields where piezoelectric ceramics are applied, Fuji Ceramics is developing new materials and assembly assessment techniques to optimize their functional characteristics.
  • Company Information
  • Our company is a company which the people who used "Piezoelectric Ceramics" which those who still get to know had in 1975 as core products, and had a dream for the purpose of use exploitation of electric parts, and device, etc. gathered and founded.


  • Environment
  • Fuji Ceramics Corporationsets effort to environmentconservation to important issues for "Which contributesto society with technology." at company's motto, harmonizes environment improvement and businessactivity, and acts for realization of the societywhere people feel warmth inconsideration of environment


Musashiya Bldg. 4/F, Kamiochiai 1-29-7 Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 161-0034
TEL. +813-58-4651/ FAX. +813-58-1413
Email : modagiri@fujicera.co.jp
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