Mounting Adapter

We offer various range of mounting adapters. Use the adapter best suited to your intended application, and give careful consideration to the influence on the sensor’s frequency characteristics.
Note:Check the screw size before placing an order.

Magnetic holders

The magnetic holder attaches easily to the surface of objects that have magnetic properties, and is very useful if you want to move your sensor from one place to another without permanently mounting it. Our magnetic holders will not adversely affect the high frequency of our accelerometers.

【Caution】Our magnetic holders are powerful; if you slap the holder onto a surface even from a distance of 10 mm away, the magnetic attraction will be so strong that the holder will slam onto the metal and subject the sensor to an acceleration shock of 10,000m/s2 or greater that may damage the sensor. Once the edge of the holder touches the surface, keep your hand on the holder and lower it gently into place.

Attaching the magnetic holder

Insulation studs

Insulation studs are generally used for measurements of motors that emit high-level electric noise. The insulation between the sensor and the object surface prevents ground loop noise from entering.

【Caution】Applying excessive tightening torque may cause damage to the bonded portions of the insulation stud. Attach insulation studs with standard tightening torque.

Mount base for triaxial cubic sensor

Expendable bonding mount for cubic sensor

  • Material: ABS  One pack contains 5 pieces.
  • Sensors adapted: ⑪SA11ZSCA, SA12ZSCA, 3511A2, 3512A2
  • Sensors adapted: ⑫SA11ZSC-TI, SA12ZSC-TI, 3511A1, 3512A1

Bonding studs

Bonding studs eliminate the need to apply adhesive directly to the sensor and risk blocking or fouling the screw holes. Bonding studs are attached to the subject by cyanoacry late instant adhesive, or other adhesive.

Screw conversion studs

These are used in cases where the subject’s screw tap and the accelerometer’s screw do not match one another.

Heat-insulating stud

This stud is used to block the conduction of heat from the subject to the accelerometer; however, please be aware of radiant heat, convection and heat conduction effects.

Hand probe

Used when taking readings of locations too confined to permit the mounting of an accelerometer.