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Shiraito Falls(in the foothills of Mount Fuji)

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Product Introduction

Force and pride, of the Piezoceramics & Piezo Sensors.

Our home ground is at the foot of Mount Fuji, which was blessed with beautiful nature. Here cultivated technology is to contribute to society at large.

Piezoelectric ceramics is one of the electronic ceramics. When pressed strongly the piezoelectric ceramics, and generates a momentarily high voltage. In the case of applying a voltage, the piezoelectric ceramics will be extending or shrinking. Thus, ceramics that functions to transform electrical energy and mechanical energy are piezoelectric ceramics.
Products utilizing this property are used in a wide range of fields, such as household appliances, medical, automotive and industrial products.
Fuji ceramics, honing the expertise of the piezoelectric ceramic and sensor in the beautiful nature of the foot of Mount Fuji, has been adopted by customers in a wide range of fields.

Function of the piezoelectric phenomenon

Piezo elements group
Application products group
Piezoelectric sensors group

Production plants

From high-mix low-volume to mass production, it is consistent production in the professional factory.

Factory is the process by automated equipment using the jigs and tools and robots. To build a “manufacturing” system in accordance with the production scale.

A consistent production system from raw material formulation of piezoelectric ceramics has been adopted at each plant.
It has establish a process which made full use of a proprietary technology that are indispensable to the “manufacturing” of high quality. Also in the order of only one or a special custom product, it corresponds to the needs of the customer. High-mix, low-volume products and custom-made, and also a large amount of products, corresponds to the diverse needs.

Head office & plant
Kita Plant
Kitayama plant
Togami plant
Shiraito plant
Daiichi Ceram (Subcontract factory)

Control Systems

Control systems that support the quality of the piezoceramic products.

Wide array of process from powder raw materials, “Manufacturing” systems along with the “Quality” is supported.

The materials of the piezoceramics, lead zirconate titanate[Pb (Ti・Zr) O3], lead titanate[PbTiO3], lead metaniobate[PbNb2O6], there is such as bismuth titanate[Bi4Ti3O12]. Starting materials is all oxide. Its composition, is composed of additive as the main raw material, go through the process to the ceramics. They include, a small amount blending of and purification of the raw materials, powder molding, 1200℃ high-temperature firing, precision machining, electrode formation, high voltage processing, test and inspection, it is a variety of processes. In these processes there is a work that requires manpower. There is a carrying or transfer equipment by a robots. And high quality by control systems that make full use of tests and inspection equipments to verify the performance is assured.

Electrode formation line